Dr. Willy's Seafood Company
Tampa, Florida

The Legend of Doctor Willy

Mid-way into the 18th Century, a large sailing merchant ship named 'The Misty Pride' sailed the North Atlantic. On board was a crew of 27 hardy men, one captain, and a very jovial cook and his parrot. The cook was affectionately named 'Fish Hook' by the crew because of his ability to find, prepare, and hook their hearts with the finest seafood delicacies of any ship at sea.

It never mattered into which port The Misty sailed, Fish Hook and his parrot 'Willy' were always welcome. They were welcomed not only for their fine story telling but also for the excellent recipes they had to share. You see, theirs was a partnership, Willy would fly off the bow, find the largest school of fish from the air, then fly back to the window of the galley to inform Fish Hook of where to set the nets. In return, Fish Hook would sing his recipes to Willy as he tucked his head under his wing to doze off on his perch.

One bleak day, in the latter part of the century, a late summer storm struck The Misty Pride. As the waves crushed the ship, a sad parrot was buffeted away. Days later, an exhausted Willy was found by a doctor on a beach of the Chesapeake Bay. The doctor was so amazed at Willy’s knowledge of seafood and excellent recipes that from that time on this nautical bird has been known as "DOCTOR WILLY!"